BTL & Event management

What brings out the best in you are carefully crafted concept, scenario and carefully revised details of an event. They tell who you are, what you are and what you strive for. Through this kind of presentation your brand can grow to unprecedented heights because these are opportunities where you can directly approach the audience and appeal to every person.

We bring a contemporary touch to the Event management and BTL activities and we connect you with the carefully chosen target group, whether it be consumers, your business partners or media representatives. For you we are able to organize one or more events, in a city or several locations, outdoors or indoors – an event branded to the smallest detail, in accordance with your business, ambitions and desires.

Promotional corporate events, conferences, seminars, fairs, celebrations, concerts, festivals; we also provide logistics and management of all activities before, during, and after the event.

We provide set design and production of all kinds of materials for events, as well as for other client’s needs, such as advertising gifts.