Farmofit Domaćin: This is how a campaign looks when your client fully trusts you

For four years now, the full-service agency “Aquarius” from Banja Luka has been collaborating with the “Rapić” company and the Farmofit animal feed factory. Throughout all these years, together we have implemented numerous projects, events and campaigns, but Farmofit Domaćin stands out in particular. It is the most recent campaign we created for our client and we are proud to say that it attracted much attention thanks to its animated commercial.

Towards the end of last year, we started discussions on activities for 2019. We set a clear goal for the campaign and the client put the task before us: “we want a TV commercial.” It was nothing like “we want it to last 30 seconds, we want beautifully shot products, we want joyful animals jumping around.” The only requirement was to convey the message: there is a superior quality of animal feed coming from the Rapić Factory.

In this case it took five minutes from brief to the idea. Our screenwriter Nikola Pejaković came up with the sentence: “Animals are like humans – when they eat well and a good-quality food, they are satisfied and happy.” And so it was. Guided by that sentence, we headed for realization. The idea hasn’t changed much from the beginning to the final version of the commercial, because the idea itself was – take it or leave it. Although the regular occurrence in marketing are changing and adapting to the client’s wishes and needs – this time it was impossible for us, given that the idea itself directed the whole realization.

For us, farmers who do their jobs honestly and care about crops and animals are synonymous with kindness, simplicity, hospitality. Such picture may be idealized but it was necessary. That’s how the character is built – a good-natured, chubby man who loves animals and at whose farm everyone feels welcomed.

Beside Pejaković, the team who also worked on the idea and its realization was made of: Mladen Škavić – graphic designer who did the drawing, Dejan Šijuk – creative director who supervised everything from the raw idea to premiere, and Dario Paranos – head of audio and video production, a perpetual perfectionist who at the very beginning gave his full consent for going into this project. The client gave us his full support and stayed enthusiastic about the project until the end. That, on his part, was very brave and we are thankful for that.