New creative forces for new 3D chalenges

Eagle eye, steady hand and a lot of patience – three things every 3D artist needs. Maybe, at the first glance, it sounds easy, finding this kind of creatives is equivalent of treasure hunting. And we’ve menaged to find four of them!

Following advertising trends, AQUARIUS A/V production streightent it’s ranks with 3D animations and 3D modeling experts. Given the growing popularity of animation in advertising, A/V director Dario Paranos said that this was a logical move.

“This field is still in its infancy in our area, and AQUARIUS will be a pioneer in BiH, as many times before, in 3D animation. New colleagues are a significant boost to A/V production, both creatively and due to the expansion of our business”, said Paranos.

3D modeling is considered to be one of the most demanding jobs in computer graphics. To complete a project, it’s necessary to go through several phases – from character design, modeling, texture creation, all the way to character animation. Mirko Janković (character animation), Nina Ružičić (character design, character modeling and texturing), Dalibor Kojić (3D generalist/lighting/shading) and Dušan Šarić (3D generalist modeler) will be responsible for uniqueness and the “creative touch”.

We know it sounds complicated, but experts like them are working on the globally popular 3D animated creations we eagerly watch on the Internet, TV, or in theaters. We started this journey last year by winning over audience with our „Farmofit farmer“, but also the award in Best video cathegory at NO limit festival.

We wish our new colleagues a successful start and as many projects from the third dimension as possible. To everyone else reading this, we are ready for new 3D challenges. Because whatever words, photos or video can’t say, 3D animation will surely be able to.