The New Name

The “New Name” project, implemented by Novomatic and supported by our Agency, was designed to help young talented people from Republika Srpska to realize some of their dreams or ambitions. Month after month, they had the opportunity to sign up to the platform and win the audience vote.

The winners were awarded with 5,000 BAM, and each new New Name could apply for a project or other type of support in different sphere: dance, literature, sports, music, DJing, film art, photography. In this way those who were musicians invested in instruments, dancers invested in sports equipment, some made it possible to go to competition, writers published a book, etc.

The uniqueness and importance of this project is also reflected in the fact that its socially responsible side was recognized not only by many young people who participated in it, but also by wider audience. Also, it was ranked among the top ten best PR projects at the Novomatic global fair in 2019.