Smart Home or how we have tackled serious issue in a humorous way?

Who has not run home at least three times with a thought “Did I leave an iron on?”, or “Is my house on fire?”, he does not know what the anguish of an average user of small household appliances is.

But here comes the solution for every anguish and eternal dilemmas like “did I leave the hob on” or “will my air conditioner turn my home into a refrigerator/sauna”.

For all who faced with similar questions, m:tel developed a brand new service – Smart Home. Smart Home offers us amodern and smart solution for our living space allowing us to make our lives safer by controlling our home via smartphones. A modern and smart solution – today we all strive for it, but we want to be like that ourselves, right ?!

We all know the true seriousness of these problems, but that’s exactly why we have decided to portray the situations humorously. The trio from “Drzavni posao” helped us in this, of course, without over-acting, since we all know Cvarkov, Boskic and Torbica through their fun and catchy performances and replicas.

As they told us through a video we created for m:tel’s Smart Home service, it’s better to have all of your russian salad eaten at a company party than to worry about what are you going to find when arrive home.

Smart Home for safer housing – we believe you want this kind of peace of mind for yourself.