How does remote creativity work?

Just two months ago, the Corona virus seemed so far away, so it never occured to us that we would have to adjust our tasks and our daily habits to new circumstances. But it happened. This pandemic, that not only affected  lives of individuals, but society as a whole, has forced us to socially distance ourselves and try new things like – remote creativity.

Morning coffees, lively brainstorming sessions and multi-hour meetings, we have now moved in the online world. So using just our webcams, we jointly fantasize, develop and realize different projects. But still with coffee and the inevitable brainstorming sessions.

„Although many companies were forced to transform their operations, this was quite a challenge for the agency, as it is not easy to organize almost 50 creatives, who are, for obvious reason, easily distracted and who see inspiration everywhere“, says Brankica Janković, CEO of Aquarius.

„A team of almost 50 employees in AQUARIUS, responded flawlessly to the emergency we found ourselves in. We turned our living rooms into offices and continued where we left off. Although concept of working remotely is new to most, we are doing very well, and most importantly, we’re not lacking in creativity, moreover, it has taken on a whole new dimension“, says Janković.

The advertising industry has also undergone a major transformation in just a few days, demanding completely different approach and communication channels. Since television and online media are now expanding, we have decided to take advantage of what we do best – spreading powerful messages and saying #KodKućeJeOK (#HomeIsOK).

As we are one of the first local companies to start working from home, where it’s really OK, we launched a campaign with a unique hashtag. From the begining, AQUARIUS employees added a campaign frame to their profile photos on Facebook, as well as many different posts: varing from kids sitting on designer’s heads to cats typing announcements. Perhaps that is why the #KodKućeJeOK (#HomeIsOK) movement has soon spread to other users of this social network, and now we are get daily posts with all kinds of work-from-home situations and they are all OK.

Finally, we have but one thing to say – stay negative! And of course, #KodKućeJeOK (#HomeIsOK).