"Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind."
Walter Landor

About Us

We are among the first and one of the leading full service advertising agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1993 we have created around 1,000 successful advertising stories for more than 100 clients.

Our team is experienced, reliable and innovative and consists of professionals in the fields of marketing communications, strategy, design, production, advertising, promotion, public relations and creative writing.

Thanks to clients who recognize our knowledge, commitment and original ideas, we have built partnerships with large regional and global corporations, as well as numerous companies focused on local markets.

Yes, we are versatile too. Our results speak for themselves: well-thought-out and realized marketing plans, strategies and various campaigns, but also remarkable music and film projects. We are proud authors of the festival of demo bands – Demofest, and Bosonoga film production, which are two threads woven through our passion for engaging in unique and great projects.

We quench your thirst for marketing ideas and turn them into distinctive solutions.

Our mission is crystal clear – to convey your message as far and as best as possible, and bring your service or product as close as possible to the end-user, while nurturing creativity.

Our vision is even clearer – to be, together with you, the protagonists of all your stories in the business world.

01 Creative department

We believe that creativity is the key that opens the door to success in market communication.

02 Media department

So many media, so many doubts about which one is best for information about your product...

03 Digital department

A different, original and distinctive approach to online communication channels is the alpha and omega...

04 AV production department

Sound and picture combined together can turn any info into unforgettable experience.

05 Public Relations department

Your story is exactly what people need. There are people all around just waiting for your product or service.

06 BTL & Event management

What brings out the best in you are carefully crafted concept, scenario and carefully revised details of an event.


Brankica Janković


Nenad Bosnić

Executive Director

Ana Ponjević, New Business Director | Agencija AQUARIUS | Banja Luka

Ana Ponjević

New Business Director

Vanja Partalo, Digital Marketing Director | Agencija AQUARIUS | Banja Luka

Vanja Partalo

Human Resources Manager

Goran Bukvić

Financial Operations Manager

Ljubinka Ratković

Financial Operations Manager

Igor Kalaba

Client Service Director

Dejan Šijuk

Creative Director

Snježana Novaković

Media Content Director

Boris Kajganić

Production Director

Stefan Ličina

Media Director

Dario Paranos

Production Director

Irena Majdandžić

Financial Assistant

Neda Janjetović

Account Manager

Bojana Đerić Petrović

Account Manager

Saša Rađan

Art Director

Aleksandar Živanić

Art Director

Marina Jungić

Senior Graphic Designer

Mladen Škavić

Senior Graphic Designer

Dejan Jović

Graphic Designer

Igor Janjić

DTP Specialist

Gorana Divjak

Media Content Assistant

Jelena Pralica

Media Content Assistant

Andrea Bojanić

Senior Graphic Designer

Nemanja Štrkić

Front-end Web Developer

Boriša Desančić

Media Planner

Sanda Arsenić

Production Manager

Đorđe Amidžić

Production Assistant

Miroslav Matić

Video Artist

Tihomir Stanić