Once more we have won our place among the best ones

Another recognition for our work has arrived, this time by entering the finals of the Balticbest festival, a competition in the field of marketing and communication in Europe. In the category of Print Advertising, our idea, despite fierce competition, won a place in the finals. The graphic solution of our creative team, for the promotion of the TV series “Kosti” (Bones) of the Bosonoga Production, has been acknowledged by the European marketing experts. The fact that we are one out of two agencies from the region which won a place among the finalists of this festival, speaks about the importance of this recognition.

For seven years, the Balticbest Festival has been rewarding inventive people from small European countries, with up to 5 million inhabitants, for the best ideas and achievements in the field of marketing and advertising. Like all the events this year, the festival was held online, and the quality of the projects was excellent, according to Asja Dupanović, project manager of “Creative Portfolio”.

“Going out on such a ‘playground’ to compete with marketing ‘magicians’ and being a finalist is a huge success. This year’s projects are out of ordinary, and we have seen many innovative strategies and successful campaigns”, said Asja Dupanović, a member of the jury of the Balticbest festival in the TV announcements category.

The Balticbest Festival rewards creative ideas put into action and gathers agencies from small countries, which are dealing with a limited market, budgets, and teams. In those conditions, a good idea is crucial for a successful business, and ours was praised by the expert jury.

Ekrem Dupanović, publisher and chief editor of the “Media Marketing” explained why participation in festivals and competing at the European level is important for agencies from our region.

“Participation is always very important, but especially this year when our industry, but also the whole world, suffered the consequences of the crisis. It is wonderful to see that creativity overcame all obstacles and survived, regardless of the different working conditions that were imposed on everyone. I am even more proud that the ‘Aquarius’ agency, from our country, won a place among the best”, emphasized Dupanović.

Our visual, graphic solution for the series “Kosti” (Bones), was characterized by the festival jury as strong and deep. Once again behind the work that received recognition is our team, led by creative director Dejan Šijuk.

“We are happy that our solutions have been recognized. We are proud of every recognition, especially those that come from colleagues from our profession, at the regional and European level. Every recognition is important, especially in our industry, because it is proof that creativity still lives in the organization. As every time when some of our work gets the attention of the experts and the public, we will gain the driving force and additional motivation from it, to work on the future projects“, said Brankica Janković, CEO of Aquarius.

Until now, and especially after we got the „wind in the back“, we will continue to create and put creative ideas into action, because a place among the best is hard to earn and even harder to keep.