We have launched our own Academy of Knowledge

We have dedicated 2019 to growth and development. Now, with our partners from the Skills Agency from Belgrade, we have created our own Academy of Knowledge which includes a series of training sessions.

Trainings cover a variety of topics, which are business based and applicable to almost every individual and company, as well as those that are specific and very important to our industry. The Academy is attended by many employees; top management, middle management as well as project managers, client service and other striving team members.

Dragan Djordjevic, CEO of Skills Agency, the first training and HR agency in Serbia, explains that the Academy includes soft skills in communication such as sales techniques, negotiation, client service and company management training. The purpose of these trainings is, on the one hand to improve the work of the agency and, on the other, to improve the relationship with clients, so they can see the benefits of this Academy of Knowledge too.

“That’s right, all those ‘soft skills’ have the purpose of making it easy to communicate inside the company and with clients. For example, we did assertive communication training, during which we learned how to get the best out of each situation, with each person, but also from ourselves. We all have a bad day, sometimes we need to get in touch with ‘difficult’ people … so during this Academy we learn to minimize the damage in such circumstances through communication techniques,” said Djordjevic.

Brankica Jankovic, the CEO of Aquarius, also emphasizes that education is necessary, professional as well as that which provide better business skills. She states that at the those times filled with work that takes up a whole lot of energy and mental labor, education, in addition to acquiring knowledge and skills, is also an opportunity to take a break, think about yourself, where we are and where we want to be, what we are good at and what we can do better.

“To learn and to grow is what we aspire to, because we deeply believe that only such approach is the right one. Especially at this time, full of rapid changes, new technologies and knowledge to be mastered. So, I think that for anyone who is turned to progress, this should not be choice, but imperative. Of course, when you love to learn, as we do, then it all becomes a pleasure too,” she said.