Creatives in Centrifuge

What happens when you throw together in a centrifuge a sleepless night, a raw idea and a good brief? What kind of secret connection associates goldfish, paws and Mona Lisa? And what does a surreal commercial look like anyway?

The answer to all three questions is hidden, or rather revealed, in the campaign we created for m:tel. In three TV commercials we connected what seems incompatible; in an artistic manner of surrealism, we clearly communicated attractiveness of the mobile subscription and invited users to take action.

The whole advertising concept thus found its full sense in final cuts of the commercial, which, like the icing on the cake, revealed essential subscription options. Finally, it says that the offer is almost surreal, like the whole commercial itself.

  • Client M:TEL a.d. Banja Luka
  • Web location
  • Period 2018
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