Together with our client, the “Rapić” company from Gradiška, we made a breakthrough in this TV commercial in the market segment that does not sympathize brave ideas. Namely, in this advertisement for the Farmofit animal feed factory we introduced the character of a good-natured, chubby man with moustache who loves animals and takes care of them.

This 3D character animation is the result of our experience, creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm and what we call the “X Factor Client” – that is a complete confidence in what the agency is doing. Hence our TV commercial appeared as a real refreshment on the market and thanks to its innovative and inspiring approach it attracted attention not only of the target group, but also of the wider audience in general.

  • Client FSH Rapić d.o.o Gradiška
  • Web location rapic.ba
  • Period April, 2019
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