We have a hammer for myths at home as well

Call when everything goes wrong. I’m here when you are at the bottom. When you don’t know how to go on. When you don’t have any more streinght . When you look, but can’t see clear…

If you haven’t yet been humming these lyrics by a band from Banja Luka called  „Sopot“, then you must have noticed them lately, since it was hard not to in a video 5 Myths for 5 Calls. It even reached the UN, to remind them as well that #HomeIsOK.

As beings prone to irrational and emotional notions, we tend to create myths, and in times like these, with global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ground is more than fertile for “minds full of thoughts, permiated with fantasy”.

But we have a hammer to break such myths. Creative, educational and above all, fun. Because, to a degree, we follow Plato and use no compulsion, but early education that is a kind of fun. And humor – well, it’s our agency sub-tenant. A cuddly creature who gladly follows us wherever we are and no matter how organized our work is.

“We are fortunate to have the opportunity to do our work from home and we have realized the whole process from inception to production without contact with each other and from our homes. Using ordinary home locations as sets and objects as ‘main actors’, we wanted to send the message that being at home is really OK and that there are no limits to our imagination, “says Aleksandar Živanić, our Art Director and the originator of the idea that resulted with this  video.

He explains that he and the team have taken a humorous approach, that is, presenting already known facts about coronavirus in a casual and funny way and bringing them closer to those who (un) consciously ignore them.

“That’s why this video is not trying to get someone to accept something, it’s just trying to be informative in a fun way. That is why we insist on five calls, since talking to someone you know is always a better and more efficient way of conveying and spreading truth and facts (especially in times of crisis), ” our Žile adds.

We used a popular style of animation (combination of video and simple 2D animated segments) – because we wanted to point out the objects we all have and use them on a daily basis, and also using catchy music and educational character driping with humor, we broke five myths about coronavirus. But also, a myth that humorous approach to visual communication is inappropriate or disparaging. The smiles we evoke lie much deeper, for true humor is not contempt, but essential, as love, comes from the heart.