New creative forces for new 3D chalenges

Eagle eye, steady hand and a lot of patience – three things every 3D artist needs. Maybe, at the first glance, it sounds easy, finding this kind of creatives is equivalent of treasure hunting. And we've menaged to find four of them! Following advertising trends, AQUARIUS A/V production streightent it's ranks with 3D animations and [...]
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Welcome to the “Hotel Balkan”

Get comfortable. Make some popcorn. Maybe pour yourself a glass of cognac… We are taking you to the rooms of “Hotel Balkan”, back to the past, just to bring you closer to the present. You will find yourself at the gambling table in Vienna, and seconds later, walking down the avenues in Banja Luka.  We […]

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I (k)od kuće imamo malj za mitove

We have a hammer for myths at home as well

Call when everything goes wrong. I’m here when you are at the bottom. When you don’t know how to go on. When you don’t have any more streinght . When you look, but can’t see clear… If you haven’t yet been humming these lyrics by a band from Banja Luka called  „Sopot“, then you must […]

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How does remote creativity work?

Just two months ago, the Corona virus seemed so far away, so it never occured to us that we would have to adjust our tasks and our daily habits to new circumstances. But it happened. This pandemic, that not only affected  lives of individuals, but society as a whole, has forced us to socially distance […]

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