She says she is young, and often adds that “a person is as young as their spirit”. She’s been to all the “in” spots in town and has all the info. She knows everything about TV shows and movies like she wrote scripts herself.

Sometimes she’s impulsive and provocative, but we forgive her. Our OH_ČAJNICA is simply a sweetheart. Besides that, she loves tea, so we hang out often.

She always wanted to be an influencer, but it didn't exactly work for her. Since she knows a thing or two about technology and spends hours and hours on social media, OH_ČAJNICA decided to use her skills and hack  @plantago_cajevi Instagram profile. Don’t tell this to our client, but we kind of helped her.

If you are confused by this intro, let’s make it clear - OH_ČAJNICA is a new virtual influencer, launched for our client, Plantago teas.

Through this unique digital campaign, named after our influencer, we wanted to engage Plantago buyers and followers on social media in casual chitchat. Creating "live"  characters that vividly embody the brand, just like OH_ČAJNICA, is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Numerous followers joined in, thinking that @plantago_cajevi Instagram profile was really hacked. However, we eventually confessed.


But since we already teamed up our influencer OH_ČAJNICA and Plantago, why end this friendship? OH_ČAJNICA and Plantago decided to hang out, and write new stories in the future.


If you want a cup of conversation or tea, you can join us on Instagram profile @plantago_cajevi.