Theatre Night

On demand of our client Addiko Bank, we organized events called “Theater Night” across three cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We designed the interior and set design, which included a red carpet and accent lighting, while elegantly dressed hostesses and waiters with champagne were welcoming guests at the entrance.

Previously, we had created luxury 3D invitations directly associated with theatre and specially designed “Addiko theater night” logo applied on rollups and press wall where members of Bank management were photographed with the guests.

We hired presenters and a DJ who made the atmosphere warm and intimate. The central event of the evening was the popular theatre performance “Đurology” by Branko Đurić Đura – one of the most viewed pieces in the entire region. At the end we gave to our guests specially designed presents.

  • Client Addiko Bank a.d. Banja Luka
  • Web location
  • Period December, 2017
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