Do you know how to become a champion? You go out on the field when it’s the hardest and you win!


Did this statement make you tremble? We know, and so did we, although the thing we are talking about now have similarities only in the eternal, indelible mark on the film strip.

Since, it is not very creative to base an introduction on other people’s ideas and that is why we will replicate this introductory sentence in real time and real space, among real people and life and say only this – during the challenging 2020 we were the best, confirmed by the title of the Agency of the Year in B&H, which we won at the last No Limit Advertising Festival in Sarajevo, organized by Media Marketing.

After the return, last year’s edition of this great festival, brought together the most influential B&H creatives from marketing and advertising industry, from which we returned with one gold and three silver and bronze medals in five categories. Then, almost, the virus happened, pandemic, lockdown, isolation, work from home, uncertainty, hands were tied…

So, what did we do? Well, got out on the field and won!

Yes, during 2020 we also tested our own limits, so that we crossed the limit of the classical principle of action in almost impossible conditions. Everything, or at least a lot of it, was not on our side – starting from the changed circumstances of life and work, through the lack of projects and, therefore, dried-up sources of funding, all the way to the seemingly banal but in fact colossal impossibility of hugging people at events, gatherings, business meetings.

But, that’s exactly how you become and remain a champion, by showing that you know and can, that obstacles are often just a springboard, and creativity can flourish with no money. We built; from a film studio in just two months, to an impressive base of millions of viewers of series that have conquered the region. We changed the world, reminded, influenced. We woke up dormant, created and revived stories that lasted longer than a year, no matter how challenging it was.

At this year’s No Limit Advertising Festival, where the jury decided on the best in the creative industry in B&H during 2020, we won 11 awards (6 gold and 5 silver) in seven categories!

Among more than 100 submitted works from all over the country, ours were convincingly the best in most categories. When it came to the special categories, counting the award for the Agency of the Year, we won the Grand Prix for “Bones”, while our creative director Dejan Šijuk was named the Creative of the years.

Those “Bones” again?! Yes, because for this series by “Bosonoga Production” with 10 episodes of pure drama and thriller, we were awarded in the following categories / subcategories: Integrated campaigns – gold, Print & publications (print ads) – gold, Digital (communication on social networks) – silver .

The campaign for the client “Bosonoga Production” for their first telenovela “Hotel Balkan” is a proof that the beginnings can be good – it was crowned with three awards, namely: Print & publications (printed ads) – silver, Sound – gold for the announcement the song “Kraj tanana šadrvana” performed by Dženan Lončarević, PR – gold.

Our campaign “5 myths for 5 calls”, in which we combined photos of objects from home, the well known song of the Bosnian band and the accompanying text created a video that summarized in four minutes the five most common myths about the corona virus and their arguments and information from the World Health Organization. – gold in the category / subcategory Digital (videos created with the intention of communicating on the web or mobile phone).

In the same category / subcategory (Digital – video content created with the intention of communicating on the web or mobile), the silver went to our campaign “Vule Life Couch”, a series of original, interesting, humorous videos for our client, “Keno TV”, about a tireless man, a true winning spirit who gladly shares his winning experiences in games of chance with the audience.

We also won silver in the Ambient category / subcategory (existing formats) for the graphic solution for m: tel, which incorporated the client’s visual identity into the primary creative idea – health, physical activity and the Banja Luka team as the host of the half marathon.

Our Yugozov – creation of a social media campaign made for the m: tel Austria (part of the Telekom Srbija group), which will correspond with the target group, consumers from ex-Yugoslavia, was crowned with gold in the category / subcategory Digital (social media communication).

Design (graphic design) is a category / subcategory in which we won silver for the complete branding of the first gaming channel in ex-Yugoslavia – Kuvo TV. Branding included the design of the television logo, the logo design of all shows and commercials, announcements, telops, and studio design.